What is Social Skills Animation?

SSA is revolutionary application that allows the user, with the use of a PC, Tablet or mobile phone, to transform very quickly a social story or a comic strip to animation and present it, instantaneously, to the person they are supporting for targeted therapeutic reason.

Our Video Introduction

Application for learning and developing social skills

 Why SSA?

  • Drag attention and experience immediate results
  • Create any real life situation using animated characters and environment
  • Give your own or users voice to your characters
  • Bring to life any social stories

  • Create interactions between the characters and give them emotions
  • Make your own custom animation libraries
  • Save time and turn sessions into fun for you and your user
  • Make them understand World with ease
  • Social skills animation” application is a unique and very helpful tool for Speech and Language therapists and all professionals working with children and individuals with social/communication needs.

    Immediate results

    Clinical experience has shown that the use of a visual system accelerates the learning process as it makes it a more accessible to the client with accelerated results.
    Social skills animation” utilizes the visual element, which is a powerful reinforcer for all learners, while assisting individuals to understand and develop important social and life skills (eg: how to initiate an interaction, how to maintain personal hygiene). Social Skills Animation enhances the understanding of complex social concepts such as body language, personal space, inner thoughts and feelings of others etc, and demonstrates realistic and practical ways to act upon these. Allows the therapist to work towards multiple goals.

    Very easy to use

    No specific language required to know to be able to use it.

    Minimal system requirements

    Minimal system requirements