Stella Zindrou

Speech and Language therapist, MSc, Ba (Hons), BSc

“ Social skills animation” application is a unique and very helpful tool for Speech and Language therapists and all professionals working with children and individuals with social/communication needs.

“ Social skills animation” utilizes the visual element, which is a powerful reinforcer for all learners, while assisting individuals to understand and develop important social and life skills (eg: how to initiate an interaction, how to maintain personal hygiene). (Name of the app) enhances the understanding of complex social concepts such as body language, personal space, inner thoughts and feelings of others etc, and demonstrates realistic and practical ways to act upon these.

“ Social skills animation” application is very easy to set up and use. It offers endless possibilities to the therapists, as it is learner-focused and adjustable to the patients’ needs and understanding. “ Social skills animation” has definitely improved my service provision and I cannot recommend it highly enough.